Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed) 80th Anniversary Global Health Symposium will bring together a range of thought leaders involved in global health, research, sustainability, and policy.

Hosting more than 50 speakers during 10 sessions including plenary addresses from world experts and concurrent sessions with speakers from various sectors, The Global Health Symposium will review the linkages between pandemics, increasing infectious disease threats and the sustainable development goals and discuss the approaches to meeting the challenges and mitigating the impact of infectious diseases.  The program seeks to envision a new, forward-thinking, proactive approach to averting future infectious disease threats and thereby improve global health for the most vulnerable populations.

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Texas Biomed is where Health Starts with Science, providing Science that Inspires. Science that Delivers. Science that Heals.

Texas Biomed is the only private, nonprofit, infectious disease research institute in the US that is dedicated to eradicating infection around the world by combining the unique resources of both high containment laboratories and a national primate research center. The Institute’s combination of unique campus resources, including its more than 75 PhD scientists, is powering a new approach to research that is accelerating the development of diagnostics, therapies, and vaccines for the world’s deadliest infections. With its major emphasis and expertise on tuberculosis, HIV, Malaria, Ebola and populations at risk such as the underserved and those who are elderly or have diabetes and obesity, it is delivering on global health priorities.